Panasonic PT-DZ870LW (Dual Lamp) Projector Lamp with Module

Technical Information

Brand Panasonic
Projector Model PT-DZ870LW (TWIN PACK)
Lamp Part Number See "Alternative Lamp ID's"
Type Projector Lamp with Module
Internal SKU # MPLL11287

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F.A.Q. #1

Does this module match my projector?

See "Suitable Projectors" Above.

F.A.Q. #2

Is it as good as the bulb that came with my projector originally?

It is exactly the same quality, it is not an imitation lamp.

F.A.Q. #3

If I buy this item and find out it is the wrong item or doesn't work for any reason, can I get an exchange or refund?

EXCHANGES: You can return a lamp for exchange within 180 days of purchase. REFUNDS: You can return the lamp for ANY REASON within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund. *Restock fee may apply.

Question Answered

Is the Panasonic ET-LAD120W (Dual Lamp) suitable for the Panasonic DZ-870EK projector ? Asked by Nirmala G. On Mar 24, 2022

Yes, the Panasonic ET-LAWD120W (Dual Lamp) or ET-LAD120 lamp will be suitable for the Panasonic PT-870EK as they have the same Lamp ID: ET-LAWD120W or the Internal SKU#: MPLL11287.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Mar 25, 2022

Question Answered

Can you quote me for 3 Panasonic ET-LAD120PW projector lamp units? I need a precise delivery date. It's the LAD120PW, NOT the LAD120W. Asked by Michael P. On Aug 12, 2021

Yes, the 3 Panasonic ET-LAD120PW projectors are $684.441 or 562.22 Pound Sterling, which is 1,686.66 Pound Sterling. The shipping is Standard (3-4 Days), while the express is 1-3 days.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jun 30, 2022

Question Answered

Is this a dual pack of bulbs? Asked by Jennifer W. On Nov 04, 2019

Yes, two (2) bulbs or a twin pack come with the module that fits into the Panasonic PT-DW830K projector.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Feb 04, 2022

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